Monday, March 04, 2013

Welcome to CO

Today's forecast for Longmont: high of 45* low of 12*.  Our FL blood is going to take some time getting used to this.
Fortunately, we have electricity at Suzanne's "campground".  Chris installed a regular 30 amp RV plug last year. The little cube heater is doing a fine job.  Put some RV antifreeze in the grey and black tanks. Installed the insulated vent covers and hung the blanket across the cab. We're good to go.

A fairly heavy snow started about 11am. This weather doesn't slow Gopher down for a minute. We took our after-lunch walk in the snow. When I was a kid, we had a cocker spaniel, Smokey was his name. Whenever he walked through the snow, it would ball up in his long hair. Same with Gopher. All around her feet, "feathers" and stomach. 

Gopher of the Yukon.

Found a good RV storage place this morning. Month-to-month for $45. Plus they have a dump station.

Our move here is progressing well. Found what I hope will be a good primary care doctor for the both of us. We have our appointments on Thursday. Ran into something we haven't experienced before along that line in FL. When we were looking for a new doc., we called four small medical practices that came well recommended. None of them take Medicare. Seems they can attract all the patients they want who have insurance policies that reimburse at a much higher rate then Medicare and without all the Medicare paperwork.  The receptionist at the last place I called recommended a doctor who is employed by a subsidiary of the Longmont United Hospital. Seems that if a hospital gets any Federal money at all, they must accept Medicare.  As our incompetent Congress works through the budget process, it will be interesting to see how much more the doctor's reimbursement rate gets cut.  Wouldn't surprise me if the Medicare system didn't evolve into a system of public clinics, much like the local health departments run for the very poor,  as more and more doctors refuse to participate. 
If we hadn't found a, hopefully, decent doctor, I was going to approach one of the small, well recommended, practices with this idea and see what they thought. Bill me at the same rate you bill a patient with  a regular insurance policy. Medicare pays what they pay, our Medicare Supplement, United Health Care, pays what they pay, and I make up the difference. It didn't come down to that, but a plan like that may be part of the future if a person wanted to avoid the public Medicare/Medicaid/Indigent  clinics.

The house is coming along well. Tomorrow I have a meeting with the construction superintendent and the wood flooring guy on Friday.