Thursday, April 07, 2016

Starting the old blog again.

 A disbursed camping site near Big Sur. Jim and Gayle told us about this spot. Very nice.
 Morro Rock in Morro Bay. We really liked this area. We'll be back. 
We spent late February and a good bit of March drifting around California. After attending the annual YAHOO! rally in Morro Bay we drove the coastal highway from Ventura north to Monterey. What a beautiful drive. I still think the drive through the Florida Keys is my favorite, but this would be right up  there. 

Right now we're getting ready for a trip to SE Utah (The Moab area) and SW Colorado.  We've never spent much time in these areas. 
I gave the camper its semi-annual waxing over the last two days.  That red color looks beautiful all shiny. Someone came up to us at Morro Bay and said they thought we had the best looking Lazy Daze there. :-)

Carol has a doctor appointment tomorrow then we head out early Saturday. We expect being out for a month or so. We really like traveling so close to home. Moab is just six hours from here.  We can easily go home if we chose then plan another close trip and head out for a month or so. That's the plan. No more cross-country drives for us. They just wear us out.

Still working on some blog posting issues. I'm not real familiar with the MacBook I'm now using.