Monday, July 27, 2015

Odds and Ends from a recent trip

I'm not doing a blog post much anymore. Our first blog started in 2004. I'm about blogged out.
I will, on occasion, provide some disbursed camping information that might be useful to others.

Here are a few from our recent trip to the Frisco, Grand Lake areas.

Just west of the Idaho Springs area off I-70 is Exit 236, Dumont.  On the east side of 70 is a large dirt area frequently used by rafting companies as a launch point. Lots of room to park with some shade from the trees.
39.763420  -105.600239
 Adjacent to Clear Creek.

Just south of the summit of Loveland Pass is Pass Lake. 39.655222  -105.878266
There is a paved parking area, some picnic tables and a few fire rings.  The elevation is 11,821'.
Gopher and I hiked up a nearby slope huffing and puffing all the way. We probably wound up at about 12,000'.  If you hike to the south of Pass Lake, there are two other beautiful alpine lakes. A great place to spend a night. Even have cell phone service.

Had the place to ourselves early in the morning. During the day there is a lot of day use traffic. Best to get your site staked out either quite early or at night.
The wildflowers were everywhere.

Found our next camper.
Even has a solar panel.

Came across a good jeep type place near Keystone. Montezuma Road (CR 5) goes east towards the old town of Montezuma.
FSR 260 intersects with Montezuma Road. Lots of disbursed camping for the jeep/ATV crowd.
39.592050  -105.870965

We stopped by the free city campground in Hot Sulfur Springs. Don't bother. A trash heap.

All around Lake Granby is the Arapho National Recreation Area. There is a great selection of NF campgrounds with the best being Sunset Point. No reservations so you need to arrive early in the week.  40.148543  -105.876402
Put out our hummingbird feeder. Business was good.

Back home planning our next trip to the Snowy Range in Wyoming. We were there in  2005.
On the upper right side of this blog page is a picture of Carol with the three dogs taken in the Snowy Range.