Thursday, February 11, 2010

Off we go again

I've not been keeping our blog very current recently. On December 27, all the kids & grandkids came to our house for Christmas. In mid-January Carol finished up her physical & occupational therapy. She's pretty much back to her old self. The only new danger is from a fall that might cause another hip dislocation. We decided that's not going to keep us home.
Our first outing was to attend an Escapee rally in Arcadia, FL from 02/8 through the 11th. Had our usual wonderful time with some old friends & some new. Today we're at the Sumner Oaks SKP campground near Bushnell. We have some friends here we hope to touch base with. Tonight is a Valentine Day supper. Ken & Ben Schutlz, two Lazy Daze friends joined us for dinner. On Saturday we head to the Yahala Bakery to have lunch with some Lazy Daze camping friends then back home. They are supposed to start work on the new driveway next Saturday plus I signed a contract on Moms Kings Isle condo. Need to take care of those things. In March we have some more Florida trips planned.