Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Gallup to Elephant Butte SP


Drove into Gallup to Wal-Mart for shopping. One thing I wanted to get was a bathroom scale. Carol & I both have weight goals and I wanted to see how we were doing. Both of us were right on target. We were relieved. Tomorrow morning we have an appointment at Camping World in Albuquerque to get a small, high efficiency, propane heater installed. We passed through Grant, NM and spotted an Asian restaurant that was very crowded; generally a good sign. Had lunch. It was OK, nothing special, but a nice break from the typical Southwest fare.
We continued to the Route 66 Casino which is located about 10 miles from Camping World. Since we are doing well with our weight, we treated ourselves to the dinner buffet. The salad bar was excellent. I don’t get nearly enough salads while travelling.
Tonight it’s us and a dozen other RV’s camping in the casino parking lot. Everything from a modest truck camper to an $800,000+- Prevost bus conversion. Actually casino parking lots make for a good camping spot. The lots are very well lighted, covered by cameras and patrolled by security. Tomorrow morning we only have a 15 minute drive to CW.


Arrived at CW about 9am. They started work about 10 and expect to be finished by 11:00. Then the “fun” started. First they didn’t have the right gas fittings. Off they go in search of the fittings. About 1:00 the parts runner comes back with the wrong type fittings. He got fittings for a water system, not a gas system. They send him off again. It’s close to 2:00 when he returns. Then the guy installing the fittings installs one incorrectly. On & on. By the time everything if finished it’s 5:30. We’re both worn out from all the waiting so we simply go back to the Route 66 Casino and have a sandwich for dinner. Tomorrow will be more fun. 