Wednesday, August 07, 2013

More of our travels over the years.

We've done a lot of camping since we were married.
Tent camping with the Gremlin. Early 1970's

Our first motorhome. A 1976 Dodge based 19' TEC.  My father and I went in halves on this camper. We had recently finished a weekend of camping at Walt Disney World in Orlando with my parents, our children and my sister Lynne and her family. It was raining when we set up the tent and raining when we left. My dad said, enough of this, then he went motorhome shopping. Luxury camping like we had never known it.

Then it was the  2001 Arctic Fox  and Ford F-250, followed by the new-to-us 2000 Lazy Daze and now the 2008 Lazy Daze.

Sometimes we would take trips based on a theme. Once it was kayaking through New England, another time Rail-to-Trails and another time the War of 1812.  These trips took us all through the New England states and around the Great Lakes. We've ridden our bikes along the historic Erie Canal towpath, kayaked through Lake Champlain and explored Upstate New York.

We've been snowshoeing in the mountains.

 And ocean kayaking in Florida, Maine, Vermont and throughout the Great Lakes area.

Over a period of four years we covered the entire Lewis and Clark Trail. Between 2010 and 2012 we followed the Oregon Trail, and parts of the Mormon and California Trails, from beginning to end.
Then there was the summer exploring the Canadian Maritime Provinces. We've camped in every state in America except for Hawaii.

Me and my hiking buddy; Gopher the Aussie Girl. Glacier NP.  2005.  Shortly before Carol took this picture, Gopher and I were swimming in the adjacent lake. I looked towards the shore and there was a good sized  black bear sitting on this table looking at us. I was hoping the bear wasn't thinking it was lunch time and we would do just fine.  I grabbed onto Gopher so she wouldn't start after the bear.  The bear casually got off the table and ambled way.

It's been an amazing 47 years.

Come Sunday we head out again. Our adventure continues.

Ed & Carol.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

On August 6, 1966 in Gales Ferry, CT

Carol and I were married.

The beautiful bride

I was an ensign in the Navy attending Submarine School. Carol was a medical technologist at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. I was 23, the bride was 24.

We met at a  sports car club rally in December, 1965. Carol was driving a green  Austin Healy Bug-Eye Sprite and I has a red 1966 Triumph TR-4A. Eight months later we were married.
 Forty seven years, three children, and four grandchildren later,we're as happy as the day we married.

1974 Fort Pierce, FL. Jennifer, Suzanne & Alexandra

We've been to a lot of places and done a lot of things together in 47 years.

Hiking to a glacier in Alaska, 1999

Somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, 2000
Kayaking in the FL Keys

Near Stowe, VT, 2004

Biking the old 7 mile bridge. Marathon,FL

We don't do these things so much these days but we take pleasure knowing we did at one time.
Our outdoor adventures are more modest but just as enjoyable as they were over the years. It take's more then a heart attack, a stroke and broken hip to stop the two of us.

Near Longmont, CO 2013

We're looking forward to, hopefully, another fifteen or twenty great years together.

Monday, August 05, 2013

Gettin' antsy

The house is finished and furnished and the deck's built.  We actually have a mountain view from the deck. Somewhat obstructed by one house, but a pretty view nonetheless.
All the doctors have made this months Mercedes payment so they don't need us for now. There is nothing that needs doing that can't wait. 

Carols brother John  and his wife Marge drove over from KC,KS for a visit. John just retired after 42 years with Hallmark. He's the creator of the Maxine character, shoe box cars and other things I can't recall. We gave them a good sightseeing tour of the area.

Last week we took two of the grandchildren, Izzy and Oliver,  camping at the USFS Brainard Lake complex near Nederland, CO.  Did some fishing, made s'mores, did a little walking and had a wonderful time.
We've been to the Pawnee campground time and again; it's one of our local favorites. During our hiking days, Carol, Gopher and I hiked extensively in the area. The elevation is just over 10,300'. There are still patches of snow on the higher mountains.

Gopher with her summer cut.

Oliver, Izzy, Gopher and Nana

Plus Pop.

On Sunday we leave to join  a group of our camping friends at the Grand Teton NP near Jackson, WY.

July was another good month but we're ready to get traveling again.  It's been just over five months since we sold the Florida home. Time to get going.