Monday, August 27, 2012


On Sunday, three young people from Oregon pulled in for the night. They are folk singers working their way around the country singing at clubs, events, or wherever anyone will pay them to sing. Right now they are between gigs.

 In the evening, company from the nearby ranch stopped by.

We drove into Saratoga stopping at the city campground on Saratoga Lake just to take a look. We had stayed there during our 2005 trip through the Snowy Range area of Wyoming. It's a  nice place to camp. $10/night for a site with electricity or $7 without.
Continued on to the Riverside/Encampment area. Tonight we're at the Encampment city campground.  (41.21090 -106.79255) Water, electric and a dump station. Payment is by donation. We decided $10/night was fair based on the Saratoga city campground.  This is the first electrical hookup site we've had for quite some time. Ran the A/C and used the microwave today.
There is a BLM campground (Odd Fellows) not far from Encampment. It's right on the Encampment River. We stayed there for two days. (41.18317  -106.79648)
Our campsite

The Encampment River was right behind our site

On Friday, we went back to Saratoga to do laundry, grocery shopping, and such. I'm overdue for a haircut so asked at the visitor center for a barber shop. There isn't one in Saratoga. There is the Red Sage Spa, where for $22 you can get a haircut.  $68 will get you something called an Apricot Seed Body Polish or a Raynor Technique will set you back $123. My hair's not that long; I'll get a haircut in Longmont.
While I was doing the laundry, I saw a sign that a roving barber visited Saratoga on Tuesday afternoon. Sets up shop near the civic center. I guess all the guys line in the parking lot on Tuesday.

The next few days we're camped on the shore of the Saratoga Lake.(41.46471 -106.78421)

Cooling off on a hot day
Our $7 campsite on Saratoga Lake

There is a dirt road that winds its way all around the lake. Would make a nice 4x4 drive.
There is a small, but very nice, Farmers Market in Saratoga on Monday afternoon.  We've both been on a diet for the last three weeks trying to get our weight back to where we want it to be. We're both doing OK so decided to treat ourselves to some goodies. Bought a wonderful apple crisp and some chocolate chip cookies.  Earlier in the day we came across a roadside vendor selling wonderful Palisades Peaches. I bought six peaches and he threw two vine ripe tomatoes in the bag as well.  For dinner tonight, we had the tomatoes, a can of tuna fish and the remains of a bag of spinach that seen better days.  Followed by a big bowl of apple crisp topped with Moose Tracks frozen yogurt. On the average, we figured we did OK.
Tonight we're back at the Encampment City Campground. In the morning we dump the tanks, fill up with water and head south towards Walden, CO, then follow the Poudre River to Fort Collins then south to Suzannes home in Longmont for one more visit with the Grands.

We're just having the best time.