Sunday, May 28, 2017

Poncha Springs then north

Thursday the 25th

Took a ride this morning first to look at the disbursed camping area on CR-250;  Shavano WMA. The access road, as others have mentioned, is deeply rutted and full of rocks. I would be hesitant to drive the camper up there especially towing the Jeep.
After that we drove CR-240 to the Angel of Shevano FS campground. Very nice but very isolated. For our needs, there are better options.

Had lunch at Tony's Restaurant. Carol had the taco salad and I had a patty melt. An excellent lunch.

In the afternoon, I took a ride by myself up Marshall Pass Road. I had hoped to reach the summit but got within perhaps a half mile and the road was solid, deep snow. It's a long walk back from there  to where we are camped if I got stuck, so I turned around.
Our camping neighbor, and his wife, are serious bike riders. They rode from the campground to this point, some 8.5 miles,  all uphill on a rough and rocky road.

Marshall Pass Road


I walked around the lake  and got a nice picture of our campsite.

Our campsite taken from the other side of the lake with the telephoto lens.

We drove around the area noting future camping sites. The plan was to head north to Buena Vista tomorrow but the weather forecast for the next several days is for cold and rain. So we decided to just head home in the morning and do the Leadville, BV, Crested Butte part of the trip towards the end of June.
This will go down as one of our favorite FS campgrounds and areas. We'll be back. 3 1/2 hours from home.