Saturday, September 12, 2009

On our way home

Monday, August 31

Left Longmont about 8:30. Drove to the Sugarite Canyon State Park in Raton, NM. The main campground was full so we stayed in the Overflow area. Worked just fine for a one night stop.


Drove to the Junebug NF campground just west of Red River. Had the place to ourselves. We’re camped right on a pretty, little creek. No need for a leash on Gopher. I called Mom to ask about her dentist appointment. She didn’t recall anything so I called Dr. Davis. The “stub” that’s left after the tooth broke is too small for him to extract. He suggested an oral surgeon. The tooth doesn’t bother Mom so, as long as it stays that way, we’ll let it alone for the time being. We had been talking about heading home. We’ve been gone since May 1st. Mom’s doing well, seems very content.


Went to the Orilla Villa Recreation area. Camped on the Rio Grande River. We talked again about heading home and decided to do so. We’ve been gone since May 1st. That’s long enough; perhaps a month too long.

Left the campground about 5 a.m. About 5 p.m. we stopped at the City Campground in Childress, TX. A nice park. It’s part of a large recreation complex.


Stopped here & there for a rest but, practically speaking, we drove straight through to Florida. Spent a night in a campground in Tallahassee then finished a very, very long drive. We decided we would not drive like that again. We would plan a 4 to 5 hour driving day then a nights rest in a campground much like when we are just heading out on a trip.

We had a most enjoyable trip. On Monday Mom came over for dinner. Had a very nice visit. We're glad to be home.