Saturday, January 01, 2011

Continuing west

We awoke to a cool, gray morning. Instead of cruising along the Gulf Coast as planned, we decided to just continue the long trek west. New plan. On the way home, we're going to follow the Texas coast from El Paso until it's meets up with Louisiana then follow the back roads to New Orleans.
We entered Texas on I-10 at MM 880!!!. Depressing. Another 880 miles before we get to New Mexico. We're spending tonight at the Steven F. Austin State Park just west of Houston. $22/night. A nice campground just off I-10. When I made the trip west with only Gopher, we stayed here as well.
Gas is running in the $2.80-90/gallon range.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Cajun Country

The weather isn't much. Expected to rain all day today & tomorrow. We drove to Beaux Bridge and had a nice lunch at the Corner Bar,Cafe & Art Gallery. Quite a unique place. Carol had an oyster Po Boy; I had The Jake; a hamburger steak with grilled onions, Swiss & American cheese, bacon, jalapenos, fries, onion rings, red beans & rice and french bread!!. Delicious. After that we went to the Acadiana Park Campground in Lafayette. A City park. $13/night. Waiting out the rain. The plan tomorrow is to take the back roads to the Gulf Coast then to Texas.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Another driving day

We left the campground about 8:30 continuing west on I-10. Got gas in Alabama for $2.89/gal.; a bargain by todays standards. Stopped at the Fairview-Riverside State Park in Madisonville, LA about 3:30pm. Fairly convenient to I-12. $22/night. We had thought about going into New Orleans for the day to visit the French Market. NOLA is crowded on a typical day but tomorrow is New Years Eve plus the Sugar Bowl is Tuesday plus it's supposed to rain. Perhaps on the way home?
Today was another long driving day. Once we make it through Texas, we'll get back to our 2 to 3 hour max. drive per day. Unfortunately, TX is a long three day drive from where we are tonight. Bla!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We're off once again.

We had the most wonderful Christmas. Alex, Britta, Finn & Teagan plus Jennifer & Karen were here for the last five days. They left on Tuesday. Carol & I spent Tuesday putting the house in order and packing for the trip. We left this morning at 5:27am. The Lazy Daze has 48,908 miles on it. The weather is cold. It didn't get above freezing until after noon time. The Turnpike was loaded with RV's heading south. Mostly it was just us going north. It's supposed to start warming up some.
We stayed at the Falling Waters State Park off I-10 near Chipley. A very convenient overnight stopping place. With the Florida Senior discount, it only cost us $9. Carol is sitting in the back watching a TV show she downloaded on her iPad. :-)

The general plan is to head to the Lazy Daze factory in Montclair, Ca., to have assorted things repaired then just drift around the CA, AZ & NM until we feel like heading home. This really beats hanging around Fort Pierce. There is not much we enjoy more then traveling.