Monday, December 09, 2013

My goodness it's cold!!

On December 5, the official low temperature at the airport that's located about three miles from us was -12*.  Those that track such things had to go back to 1909 to find a lower  temperature; -17*.  Since last Tuesday, the 3rd, the days high temperature hasn't reached 20*.  On most mornings, Gopher and I took our before-breakfast walk in temps. below zero.

I really, really hope I did a good job of winterizing the camper.

Tomorrow, the weather guessers thing it might actually get above freezing.

 I went over on Saturday and drove the camper around town for about thirty minutes and ran the generator. I noticed something really strange. Both of the front pieces of plastic corner trim had hairline sized cracks running across the width of the trim.  The trim had not lifted from the siding; just cracked. Wonder if it was the extreme cold?  Lazy Daze is designed and built for SoCal weather where it's mostly warm with scarce rain. I don't think below zero is factored into the design.

Gopher doesn't mind this weather at all. She and I still take our three daily walks.   Not so with Carol. The other day it got up to 14*. Carol bundled up and joined us for about thirty minutes.  That plus church on Sunday, and a lunch out with Suzanne was about the limit of Carols outside trips for the last week.  If it gets above 20* tomorrow, she said she'll join us on a walk over to the lake.

A snowy day.

We got a live tree this year; a Dwarf Alberta Spruce. The plan it to put it on the back porch after Christmas then use it year after year as our Christmas tree.  According to the nursery, the tree will thrive in the pot it's in and not grow any larger. We'll see. For $90 I hope they're right.

The cold has made up our mind. Come early January, we're heading south to "Q"/Senator Wash for at least January and perhaps February as well. Enough's enough. We miss being warm.

On Thursday we  have Oliver's  first grade school pageant to attend.  We've been to lots of such things when our kids were young. Only parents and grandparents enjoy school pageants.  And then only when their child is on stage. :-)

 Having warm thoughts.