Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lone Rock

It was cool in the morning. 41*. Gopher saw the two chocolate labs playing and ran down to say hello. On & off for the rest of the day, Gopher, Tinkerbell & Zane ran, swam, played, and chased after thrown sticks. Tinkerbell & Taint are female & male chocolate labs from the same litter. Two well behaved, and high energy, dogs. A good match for Gopher. The owners are from Flagstaff, AZ.


Woke up to 37* but no wind at all. Carol enjoyed sitting in the sun. We used the scooter and took a nice long walk. The sand was hard enough in most places so I didn’t have to push much. A guy parked nearby with his dog, Whisky. A lab mix. The dogs had a good time playing chase. Strange for a lab. mix, but Whisky wouldn’t do into water he couldn’t stand in. Another nice day.

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