Friday, October 17, 2008

Navajo Lake SP & Aztec


Drove to our next campground; Navajo Lake State Park. The sun is shining and it’s supposed to get in the 60’s today. A pleasant change from the last few days. The weather forecast is good for the next few days. Another front is due on Sunday.
Passed through Dulce; the capitol of the Jicarella Apache tribe. A pretty drive through ranchland and canyons. Navajo Lake SP is a very large park. There are probably 200 campsites spread along the lake and the San Juan River. Our site has a limited view of the lake. In the morning we moved to the Cottonwood Campground; another campground in the same park. On the way, we stopped at a day use area along the San Juan River that had accessible fishing platforms and some paved trails Carol could use. There were dozens of fly fisherman. Some in boats, some wading. Took some pictures to e-mail John Wagner. Our campsite is along the river. A big improvement from last nights site. Carol started feeling bad again. Her back hurts. The last two weeks she was on the antibiotic Cypreflaxin and felt fine. Three days after stopping the Cypro, the back pains started again. Called Dr. Hoods office. The nurse said she would talk to him and call in a different prescription to the Wal-Mart pharmacy in Farmington.

Friday: Drove into Aztec. Did laundry. Stopped by St. Joseph’s church. After lunch we visited the Aztec Ruins National Monument. “Over two centuries ancestral Pueblo people of Aztec carefully planned a settlement that included an array of large public architecture and smaller structures, earthworks, and ceremonial buildings”. We watched a very informative movie then toured the ruins. About 3:00 we drove to Wal-Mart in Farmington to pick up Carols new antibiotic prescription. The Wal-Mart Pharmacy system really makes travelling easier. Dr. Hood simply called in the prescription and two hours later we picked it up in New Mexico. Did our grocery shopping; Wal-Mart of course, then went to Target to buy Carol some warmer shirts.
We were looking for a campground to stay in so stopped at the Farmington Visitor Center. They directed us to the McGee County Park. It turns out there was a huge RV convention going on at McGee Park. For $20/night we joined the convention of about 600 RV’s. Just down the row we were in, there was another Lazy Days. We introduced ourselves and had some wonderful company for the evening.

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