Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Heading north to escape the smoke

Today, the smoke from the fire was really thick. It was starting to bother both of us so we decided to head north away from the fire. After driving through a few Forest Service campgrounds along the McKenzie River, we would up at the Santiam Flats FS campground on Detroit Lake. Another amazing find; just look at the picture of what we see from our campsite. It's where the Santiam River dumps into Detroit Lake. It's a busy place. Lots of families & fisherman but well worth a night's stop. Even this far north of the fire, the air is still hazy.
I just checked on the internet. There are two forest fires in this general area. Neither is contained so I suppose the smoke will be with us for a few more days.
On Thursday, we drove to Estacada. Filled with water, dumped the tanks then stayed at a state park for the night. On Friday we continued on. Stopped at Joes Donuts in Sandy. Probably the best donuts we've ever eaten. We're getting much better. Sharing the goodies because we're both trying to lose a few more pounds. We stopped in four Forest Service campgrounds; they were all full. Around here, school doesn't start until after Labor Day so the families are still out camping. We found a free FS area near the Trilium Lake campground. It's much better then any of the campgrounds we drove through. Very large sites, nicely wooded.

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