Monday, September 20, 2010

The Beartooth Highway

The more & more we thought about driving the Interstate Hwys, the less we liked the idea. Instead, we decided to go south from Columbus and take the Beartooth Highway. Years ago, Charles Kurault wrote i his book Travels With Charlie, that he thought the Beartooth Hwy was the most beautiful drive in America. He'd get no disagreement from us. The road, Hwy 212, is narrow & full of sharp turns but what a view. The elevation at the summit of the road was 10,947'. The temperature at the summit was 44* with a very strong wind. Next time we're out this way we're going to drive it again. This time, stopping at the FS campgrounds in the area.
After the Beartooth, we drove the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway to Cody, WY. Another amazing drive. A lot of the road followed the Clark's Fork River.
It was almost 80* when we finally stopped for the night near Thermopolis,WY. We're camping in a WY Fishing Access Area.
We have about 8 more driving hours to Suzanne's house.

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