Wednesday, September 01, 2010

On to Washington

We left the campground at Cascade Locks on Monday the 30th. Took the very scenic old Columbia River Road, Hwy 30, as much as possible. On one stretch of the road, traffic was stopped for about 15 minutes while a motorcycle commercial was being filmed.
As we drive east, the landscape changes dramatically as can be seen in the pictures. We're on the dry side of the Cascades in the high desert. Everything is so brown. We agree that we much prefer the green landscape to the brown.
We spent the night at a free C.O.E. area along the river just below the John Day Dam. Just pick a spot you like, turn off the ignition and that's your campsite. Great view of the river. We watched, and listened to, countless trains come & go, saw barges locking through the dam, saw lots & lots of windmills. A very nice site.
In the morning we continued east to Washington. Stopping in Kennewick to do laundry and grocery shopping. We stayed at a very nice C.O.E. campground near Pascoe. $5/night!! for a riverfront site with electricity. The down side was the view of the tank farm across the river. Oh well. The park itself was very nice. Green grass, huge cottonwood trees and a nice, cool breeze.

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