Sunday, January 09, 2011

On to Montclair

I got up just before sunrise this morning. A beautiful day. Gopher & I took a walk. Had to take a few more pictures before leaving The Slabs. This place is just fascinating; we'll be back.
We drove along the west side of the Salton Sea. Lots of citrus & date groves in this area as well as different types of low-to-the-ground green plants. In Washington, there were areas where the farmers, community, or whoever, were nice enough to post signs telling what the crop was. We really like that. In areas, the surface of the soil is completely white with salt. Makes me wonder how anything grows, but it does. We see signs at places selling bottled water that says "Salt free water". Apparently well water is also salty.
The interstate part of the drive to Montclair was a mess. I'm just glad it's Sunday and not a work day. A stretch of I-10 was just cluttered with windmills. Must have been at least a hundred. There was a strong crosswind blowing dust every where. It was hard to see the mountains at times.
We finally got to our campground; the East Shore RV Park about 1:30. A very long day. The good news is that we're only about 15 minutes from the Lazy Daze factory. The bad news is that this place costs $47/night!!. We're spoiled. Anything over about $15 is robbery. ;-)
We left home on December 29th. 12 days and 2,765 miles later and we're here. It was an enjoyable trip in most ways even though I really don't enjoy marathon drives, Interstates & big city driving. After tomorrow, the relaxing will begin in earnest.

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