Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Benson, AZ

We're staying at the Saguro SKP RV Park in Benson until Friday. We have a large, corner lot with a decent view of the mountains.
One of Carol's brothers & his wife, Johnny & Marge,are due in Tucson on Thursday, tomorrow. We'll then coordinate a visit someplace.
Today I picked up the mail Suzanne had sent and got Carol's meds at WM. Did some grocery shopping at Safeway and caught up on laundry. Finished up our tax return today and filed electronically using Turbo Tax on-line. Talk about convenient! Plus a nice refund coming :-)
Met two other Lazy Daze couples today. They're staying here until Friday then heading to TX. I'm just horrible with names but one couple is from Nashville, TN driving their relatively new-to-them 30' model and the other couple is from Maryland. They're both big ham radio operators heading to another ham radio fest of some sort. The TN couple spent last summer in Alaska, then to the BF in ABQ now they're touring the SW.
The fellow from MD was bragging about his most impressive solar power setup. Six 100 watt panels and six AGM batteries. Very nice but that's a bunch of weight to be hauling around on a 30' LD. He needs all that to power his ham radio gear.
Still cold & windy around here. The blowing dust just never ends. We both like the desert and will be back, but we are really beginning to miss grass & trees.
After the upcoming GTG, we begin the 2,500+- mile trek home. We've allowed ourself three weeks to do it. The general plan is to follow the TX & LA coast to MS then head home from there.
We're already planning our summer trip. Spend April, May & June at home, if we can actually stay put for that long, then travel in the Central/Great Lakes States until early October. The girls have planned a family reunion in PA starting July 9th.
Thursday: Nothing exciting today. One of the groups in the campground held a Food Auction today. First time we've heard about, let alone attended a Food Auction. People prepare food items then auction them off. Mostly baked goods, but a few canned things, semi-prepared meals, etc. The proceeds go to some charitable cause.
We're both trying to keep our calorie consumption under reasonable control, so we passed on the key lime cheesecake and the beautiful pineapple upside down cake; two of our favorites.
We're getting tired hanging around in the Big City. Tomorrow we go to Tucson, then the SW Lazy Daze GTG then back to the rural areas we much prefer.
While we were out walking this morning, a coyote was prancing around just on the other side of the fence. Gopher, of course, was the first to notice. When Gopher is relaxed, her ears lay back flat against her head. If the ears suddenly stand up, she's alert to something. I just watch her ears when we're boondocking or just walking.
During tonight's walk, we ran into a guy with a 10 month old Aussie. Let them both off leash for about 30 minutes.

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