Friday, March 04, 2011

On to Texas

We said our goodbyes to our friends this morning and headed out about 10:00am. The final rig count was 16 with 8 being from the SW states. The rest were visitors like us.
Drove to Deming, NM via a Safeway & WalMart. We're staying at the Dream Catcher SKP Park. It's not much as SKP parks go; basically a parking lot with FHU. $12.50/night + electric of about another dollar or so. It's very convenient to I-10. Can't complain. Did the laundry for only a dollar. We needed one last place to take long, hot showers, dump our tanks and take on water. This will be the last opportunity for the next week. Back to boondocking.
It was very windy today. Fortunately it was a tailwind all the way. I don't keep track of my mileage but if I did, I might see 10mpg vs a more typical 9.
In the morning, we continue on to Marfa, TX; a five hour drive. Ugh.
Gas around here runs from $3.49 to $3.79/gallon.

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Ed and Jeanne Gaffney said...

Ed and Carol,
Sounds as if you two have had a great trip out west...and it's not over yet! Enjoy yourselves as you slowly travel back to the SE.
Take care of each other!