Sunday, March 13, 2011

These are a few of our favorite things

This afternoon, we were talking about the highlights of this trip; our first winter trip to the Southwest. These are places we would visit again.
In no particular order.
We both thoroughly enjoyed "Q". Probably half because of the nice people we met and the other for the Big Tent RV show, the rock & gem exhibits, endless flea markets, a really good bakery and the wonderful dinner we had with our friends at the Grubstake Social Club.
Salvation Mountain & Slab City. Incredible. Unique. One of a kind. You just have to see it to believe it's there. Salvation Mountain stands as proof positive of what can happen if you persevere and believe.
Along the same incredible, unique line comes Belle Starr's Silverado Ranch. A most remarkable women. An inspiration. A women living her dream in spite of significant hardships.
Port Aransas, TX. A very enjoyable community. Camping on the beach.
Sonoita, AZ. The best bakery we've ever run across. :-)
The wonderful arts & crafts show in Tubec, AZ where we both got our new wedding rings. Dinner at Wisdom's Cafe.
Tucson, AZ. We could have spent another few weeks in the Tucson area. There is just so much to see. Next time, we'll be sure to go to Tucson in early February for the annual rock & gem show. It's supposed to be the biggest in America. We're not rock or gem people but we do enjoy looking around at such shows.
The Southwest Lazy Daze GTG in Benson. It's always fun meeting up with old friends and making new ones.

This post is a work in progress.

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Donna K said...

Thanks for sharing your favorite places. Gives us something to think about when planning our trips.