Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Curry Hammock

The weather has been just perfect for late May in the Keys. Hot, but not terribly so. Humid as always but tolerable. There is a wonderful breeze off the ocean.
We all took a walk to the day use area. There is a small, out of the way spot past the kayak launch, where Gopher could go swimming. State Parks are very strict, as they should be, about dogs being on the swimming beaches. After getting thoroughly soaked, she took a good roll in the sand. I'm convinced she enjoys traveling as much as we do.
The Sea Grape bushes are just loaded with fruit. The grapes are eatable but somewhat bitter. They are best used for jelly. The coconut palms are also full of nuts. As you walk through the park, there are very informative signs by a lot of the plants. It's nice actually knowing that plant you're admiring.
Today we're staying put. Tomorrow we're going to have lunch at a highly recommended restaurant in Marathon.

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