Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cedar Island, NC

The original plan for today was to drive to the Cedar Point Forest Service campground west of Morehead City,NC. According to my research, it was a campground set in a pine woods. The more we thought about that, the less we liked the idea of a pine woods, no electricity, on a 90* day so we continued on. One thing lead to another and finally we wound up at the ferry terminal on Cedar Island. What a good "plan" that turned out to be. We're camped at a boat ramp adjacent to the ferry terminal. There is a nice strong breeze off the water. It's just us once again, as humans go. We have about 20 stray horses and a few cows as company. They just wander here & there munching on the grass up past the dune line.
There is a formal, private campground here but it's just a patch of dirt with hookups. Not a direct waterfront location like ours. Plus ours is free. Tough to beat free.
We had reservations on tomorrows 10am ferry but the reservation people called earlier to say that ferry had been cancelled. We're now scheduled for the 7am. We'll get up, board the ferry then have breakfast. It's a 2 1/2 hour ride to Ocracoke on the OBX.
Elizabeth, the women who is looking after Mom, sent an e-mail. She paid her a visit today. All's well. Hiring Elizabeth was a great idea.

Bought gas today in Myrtle Beach. $3.41/gal.

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