Saturday, June 25, 2011

Snow Shoe, PA

We left Kutztown this morning about 8:00. We were about junked out. As I was getting ready to leave, I chatted with our camping neighbor. He sells Native American jewelery, mostly from the Southwest. Some they buy, some if from their personal collection. He said business was slow these days. People just don't have as much extra cash to spend. Tomorrow he & his wife head off to another venue.

Our destination for the day was the Snow Shoe City Campground (41.02498 -077.94395). $18/night. This place is totally unique. Something right out of the '50's & '60's. Virtually all of the park is occupied by full-time residents. The RV's in the photo are currently occupied. The newest RV is probably ten years old and there are a few that are ready for the dump. Everyone has to live somewhere. I suppose this is a few notches up from living in your van. Yesterday & today are Yard Sale days in the park. Lots of people have stacked their stuff curbside. If you're ever on I-80 in this part of PA, do yourself a favor and stop by for a night.

There is a small community ballpark nearby. Gopher & I walked over and took in a few innings of ball. It's not quite Little League level because the coaches pitch to the kids instead of having a regular pitcher. One kid hit a pop fly. Four kids surrounded the ball as it came down then stood there and watched as it hit the ground. :-) A batter hit a hard grounder to second base, The second basemen caught the ball with his face instead of his glove. (they're still learning the basics). It took all the coaches, assistant coaches and the kids mom to get the kid to stop crying so the game could get going again. The boy finally stood up and dusted himself off to a huge round of applause.

In 1976 my father & I shared the cost of a 19' Class C motorhome much like this one. It was on a Dodge based chassis.

Snow Shoe City Campground will be remembered as another fascinating stop on our tour of America. The circus is coming to town tomorrow. All twelve of the RV spaces have been booked by the carnies so we need to move on.

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Donna K said...

Oh my, that is some campground. Not sure I'm in favor of hanging the flag on what looks to be a clothesline :(

Too bad you have to move on...I think interacting with the carnival folks would be an interesting experience.