Friday, July 01, 2011

Alparon Park, Troy, PA

We left Willow Bay this morning. On the way, we stopped by a very pretty city park. There was a walkway around the lake. Someone had erected a small stone memorial to Sargent Maholic. Another plaque said "A son, a husband & a father". Wonder if his parents, wife and children thought the Sargent died for some grand & noble cause? Wonder how they are all doing five years later? Do they still come to visit the memorial? I look at all the guys my age who died in Vietnam. And for what? Is the world a better place for their death? Vietnam is a trading partner of ours. Saigon a major tourist destination.

Our destination was the Alparon Community Park in Troy, PA. What a find this was. It's basically a complex with the fairgrounds, the community pool ($3/day) and a nice campground. We're right on the edge of a small creek. The other side of us isn't nearly as pretty, mostly buildings associated with the fairgrounds use. $20/night for water & electric. There is a dump station on site. Tomorrow there is a auction taking place. That will be fun.

We finally have a good internet connection. I uploaded a bunch of pictures to yesterdays blog post.

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Sara said...

Would have loved to see a panoramic view of your site from inside rear.