Saturday, October 01, 2011

One more perfect day

We had a decent night at the Wal-Mart campground. About midnight, the guy with the vacuum cleaner truck drove up and down all the aisles. It only took him about thirty minutes. :-)

In the morning we decided to drive by the Ozark R.V. Park just in case there was an opening for the night. There was, plus there were vacant sites for Thursday night as well. When I inquired about vacancies on Thursday, the guy behind the counter was very involved with his iPad. I sensed that I was disturbing something more important then generating income for his boss and saying "We're full" was quicker then registering us. Turns out that was true. On Friday, the manager said there were indeed sites available for last night as well. It turned out well.  The free night at Wal-Mart paid for the admission to the Folk Center.
This RV park has a paved path leading into the Folk Center which was the only practical way for us to gain access. There are shuttle buses that run from the main parking lot into the Crafts Village but,strangely enough,they are not handicap accessible, and even if Carol could get into the bus, there was no place to carry her scooter.

The Ozark Dulcimer Gathering is taking place for the next two weeks, at the campground we're in. Each day there lessons, demonstrations and entertainment.

Some of the entertainment.

Look at the tall guy playing the washtub.

A number of years ago when we were touring Ontario, we heard about an event called The Fiddlers on the Trent. It was a gathering of fiddlers that was being held in a campground east of Toronto. We called and managed to get the very last spot. We were the only Yanks there and had a most wonderful time. Neither of us have any musical skills of any type. We just say we're professional listeners.

The Ozark Folk Center is a state park. There is Crafts Village with areas demonstrating Ozark crafts like candle making, gun smithing, weaving, basket making and such,as well as buildings transferred from around the region. There was a cooper shop. It never occurred to me just how complex the process of making a barrel by hand really was.

The old one room school house.

Two relocated homes.

There is an on-site restaurant; the Iron Skillet. On Friday night they have a seafood buffet for $11. Now for $11 you don't get New England lobster, Clams Casino and Oysters Rockefeller, but it was very good. The fried shrimp and hush-puppies were excellent.

On Saturday morning we made one last Wal-Mart stop before heading over to the Regional Lazy Daze GTG.

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Donna K said...

That folk center looks very interesting. My Dad once made a washtub bass much like the one in the picture...he could get music out of anything. I'm more like you - professional listener!! Sounds like fun and a seafood buffet is always welcome. Have fun at the LD GTG.