Friday, February 22, 2013

Elephant Butte SP

We drove to Truth or Consequences (T or C) early this morning. Did a load of laundry which just happened to be right next door to Carmen's Kitchen. While waiting for the laundry, we both had a breakfast burrito. Carol was good and had a veggie one but I had chorizo and extra green chili sauce on mine.

Then we made a WalMart run and topped off the propane tank in anticipation of boondocking with freezing temps. at night.
The Elephant Butte SP offers three camping levels. Water and electric sites, dry camping in a developed area or primitive, i.e. no facilities of any type.  We're camped directly on the shore line in what's classified as primitive.

The lake level is near the historic low because of the extended drought throughout the Southwest.
In this link, you will see Rattlesnake Island near the bottom of the park map.

Park map

This photo is Rattlesnake Island taken from our campsite. The tower is a small weather station.

I climbed to the top of the "mountain" and took this picture of our camping area. We have this entire place to ourselves. Now and then, someone would drive, or walk, down mostly to let their dogs run around. Gopher generally has the beach to herself. Fortunately she didn't go swimming today. She's really a mess when wet and sandy.

We'll be here probably until about the 28th when we'll start heading north.

Got some good news today. Our house is coming along very well. The closing has been moved up to March 28.

My mother passed away on this day last year.  If you have things you would like to say to someone you love, do it when they are alive. I know.


Donna K said...

Carol sure looks happy - the campsite must agree with you both! Looks great, although I'm a wimp and would probably opt for the water and electric. I've got to learn to boondock!!

Thinking of you and the anniversary of the loss of your mother. <>

Nancy said...

That boondocking site looks awesome.

RE: If you have things you would like to say to someone you love, do it when they are alive.

Do it NOW! I know too. See my blog post of 2/15/2013.

Hope to see you down the road.