Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Rocked out for now

It rained most of last night and today. Nature must love it. Pools of water formed in the rocks for the animals to drink and the plants got a good soaking. For us the plus was keeping the dust under control.

We headed into Moab this morning with the intent of staying around for another week. After talking about it, we decided we had about seen enough rocks for a while so decided to head home in the morning. We're at the BLM Goose Island campground tonight. It's the closest BLM campground to town making it a very convenient place to stay. Good VZ coverage is a bonus.

A number of years ago, some friends took a trip to Italy, Greece and Egypt to see old stuff. Bob commented that after a while, one pile of rubble pretty much looked like the other. Rocks are like that too.

The most spectacular view was from Dead Horse Point. Our favorite camping area was the disbursed area off Willlow Springs Road.

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Jim and Gayle said...

Funny about getting tired of looking at rocks or rubble. Jim had the same feeling at Yellowstone after seeing a dozen or so geysers!