Thursday, January 25, 2018

Hurricane and La Verkin, UT

Sunday, January  21
A bright and sunny day.  Spent the morning driving around St. George. The main St George LDS temple was beautiful. Should have taken a picture.

This is a picture we took of the Sand Hollow Reservoir SP where we stayed on Saturday and Sunday.
They have disbursed, shoreline camping, as well as two campgrounds. The beautiful shoreline area looked softer than I would care to drive the camper on. There was a sign saying that the park does not provide towing services.

The red sand, blue water and snowy mountains

In the afternoon we drove to the Hurricane/La Verkin/Virgin area to scout disbursed camping sites. The one Jim and Gayle recommended on the Virgin Dam Road was the best. Even with all the rain, the site was fairly dry.We’re going to move over in the morning. It should be drier after today’s sunshine.

Our campsite on Virgin Dam Road
Our view of Hurricane Butte to the north of us.

Morning coffee with Gopher

Monday - Thursday

Drove all around looking for disbursed camping sites and just enjoying the beauty. Took a ride to the La Verkin Overlook (where you can look down and see the town), Sheep Bridge Road from SR-9 to SR-59, the Kolob Reservoir Road Scenic Backway and the Smithsonian Butte ( Gooseberry Mesa) Road Scenic Backway also from SR-9 to SR-59. The Smithsonian Butte Road is a very scenic Backway  but, unless you're driving a high-clearance, 4 WD vehicle, do NOT enter the road at the SR-9 side. The first few miles are steep, narrow, muddy and very rocky. The SR-59 side is wide and well maintained. There is some good disbursed camping along Gooseberry Mesa Road. Accessible with an RV from the SR-59 side.

We drove the Mesa Road, a narrow and winding road , to the top of the Hurricane Mesa where there is a government test facility. Its a very long track where rockets can be tested. Great views of the surroundings mountains.
View from Mesa Road

Still cold at the top.

Didn't make it all the way to the Kolob Reservoir.

Along the Smithsonian Backway.

Came across two very good restaurants. The River Rock Roasting Company and  the Muddy Bees Bakery. The owner of the bakery is a bee keeper and a baker. We bought some of his honey to put on the cinnamon bread.

River Rock

Muddy Bee

We move on in the morning. Not 100% sure to where, but someplace we have never been.

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