Sunday, April 11, 2010

Getting ready

We're more then ready to get traveling again. Been home too long. Carol has her doctor's appointment on Tuesday; that's the last item of business to tend to. We're not sure just when we'll be heading home. The general plan is to go to the Escapee Rally in Marion, NC, then to visit with Alex & family in VA, then to the PA Dutch Country, then north to a Lazy Daze Rally in RI. We have reservations for Memorial Day weekend in Burlington, VT; our favorite city. Reservations for the City Park campground opened at 9:00 am on April 5th. I started dialing with both cell phones and finally got through at 11:30. The campground was almost booked for Memorial Day.
After Burlington, we have no specific plans. Generally drifting west through NY, then to Michigan, Wisconsin & Minnesota. After that we're not at all certain. Maybe head home to check in on Mom; maybe continue west to visit Suzanne. Ginny said she was going to fly down to visit Mom in May. That would be a real big help. If she does, we'll probably head direct to Suzanne's in Colorado.
The forecasters are predicting a big hurricane system this year. Damage to the house could alter our plans with no notice.
We'll just see how things unfold.

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