Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Hodags & a Concrete Park

This morning we drove to Rhinelander. Went shopping, stopped by a few nice parks then went to see the statue of a hodag. a hodag is a local monster not unlike bigfoot. They are's rarely seen, but the locals are convinced they do live in the woods. Some towns, like Fort Pierce, have manatees around town, we've seen moose & cow statues. Rhinelander has hodags. :-)
Later we drove to the Wisconsin Concrete Park. A fellow who was a logger, farmer, tavern owner and musician, also was a self taught sculpture; Fred Smith. He used wood frames/wire and concrete, pieces of glass, bottles, stones, etc., to create the most amazing pieces of sculpture. There are over 200 pieces.
We wound up at the Solberg Lake County Campground near Phillips, WI. We have a nice water front campsite.

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