Sunday, July 04, 2010

Into Wisconsin, July 4th, 2010

We drove to Marinette,WI this morning. Primarily to stop at the WI Welcome Center to pick up information on the areas to which we would be traveling. They had a wealth of good stuff. The Welcome Center is right downtown near a city park. There was a 4th of July celebration going on. Mostly it was for little children. There were several of the inflatable childrens bounce type toys, a few food booths, a small group of vendors, etc. We enjoyed the visit. In the afternoon we went to a Martinette County campground; Twin Bridges. Nothing real special for us, but, as expected, the place was packed with families.
On Monday, the 5th, we continued on. It was raining when we got up and only stopped briefly during the day. Drove through the town of Wabeno. Stopped at the visitor center/town museum but it was closed today for the holiday. All of this area was a major logging center in the 1800's. By the early 1900's, all the commercially feasible land had been logged. There was simply nothing left standing. The museums don't seem to want to deal with that reality. Mostly they focus on the prosperity it brought to the area and ignore the complete destruction of the environment. Some things never change. Mostly we want prosperity today and to heck with tomorrow. Last year we visited a wonderful Forest Service Visitor Center in WI. In the late 1800's there was a move in Congress to put some controls on the logging in the area. The Senator from WI was quoted as saying there was enough timber in WI to last for all future generations. No controls were put in place.
Continued on to the Forest County Veteran's Memorial Park Campground near Crandon. A very nice park right on A huge lake; Lake Metonga.

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