Thursday, July 01, 2010

The U.P. continued

This morning we left the campground at Brevoort Lake. We'll come back there again on the next trip. Four young women, their four children, all under two, and a dog, pulled in yesterday at the site next to us. They're having a family reunion. The "girls" are the advance party charged with getting three good campsites. We told them we would be leaving in the morning and save them our site.
The only plan for the day was to pick up the mail at Manistique. We came across a really nice grocery store, Jack's Fresh Market; lots of really nice salads. Right across the street from Jack's is a city park right on the lake and a paved trail. That's where we're staying tonight. After we picked up the mail, we did laundry. The mail was amazing. After almost three months of accumulation, there wasn't even one thing that required action.
There is a free flowing well in the park where we are camping. I filled up all our water bottles. Good tasting water. We took a nice walk on the trail down to the marina and the Manistique Lighthouse.
Headed on about 9:30. No special destination in mind. Instead of taking US 2 as planned, we took M35 instead. It will take us in Wisconsin via a WI Visitor Center. Stocked up at Wal-Mart in Escanaba then continued west. We came across a nice county campground just off M35; Fox Park, Cedarville Township, Cedar River,MI. Our luck is amazing at times. We got a prime lakefront site. Only $10/night. With this being the 4th of July weekend, we were guessing places would be full, or at best, we would get a site no one else wanted.
Gopher & I took lots of walks along the lake. In the early morning, we had the place to ourself. Carol & I enjoyed watching the sparrows around our site. The mother sparrow was gathering seeds and feeding them to the baby. The young bird was about 2/3 the size of the mother. Sometimes, when the baby approached to beg for food, the mother either flew away or chased the baby away. We're guessing, she's teaching the young bird to fend for itself. Very interesting.
A lot of the campers here are from Wisconsin. I suppose Lake Michigan, and the UP, is as interesting to them as it is to us.
Stopped at a state park to dump our tanks and fill up with water, then continued to Wisconsin. With the time change to Central Time, our internal clocks are off. I was up this morning at either 5:30 or 6:30.

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