Thursday, January 27, 2011

The end of Q

Last night, our friends Frank & Cookie, and Buddy the dog, showed up. Hadn't seen them since the Balloon Fiesta in 2008. Jim & Gayle left this morning. Jim's not feeling real well so they are heading to Phoenix where better medical facilities are available should they be needed.
We took one last trip into town today. There is a very interesting area across the highway from the McDonald's. Lots of antiques, collectibles, etc. Had lunch at Sweet Madeline's Restaurant & Bakery. Basic American style menu. Reasonable prices, good quality plus a nice bakery.
"Q" was very interesting; we're glad we came. Now when people talk of Q we'll understand what it's all about. It was on our list of must see places, but I don't think we'll coming back. We had the pleasure of camping with some really nice people.

Here who was there:
Roger Nickey the organizer and amazing cook. His wife is still working so she stayed home. We agreed that's not all bad. Someone had to support the Social Security system at least until we all die.
Jerry (Budster) Galang & Gidget the dog. Also left working wife home.
Jim & Gayle Cummings. Full Timers from Pensacola, FL.
Jerry & Ann Marcus. Full Timers on their way to Alaska.
David & Mary Gardner. David is a professional photographer. He's doing a photo essay on RV'ers. Carol & I are going to be in the book.
Jim Melvin. A Full Timer we had previously met at Crater Lake. Jim was an Eagle Scout!!
Rick & Annie Olson & Dweezel the Dog from CA. Annie was the resident nurse.
Frank & Cookie Kebelman & their dog Buddy. We first met them at the Balloon Fiesta in 2008. Frank is a retired Marine colonel. Cookie is an amazingly skilled Jill-of-all-Trades. She's made some incredible improvements to their LD.
Plus another handful of LD owners stopped by to say hello.

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