Monday, January 24, 2011

Q Days 5 & 6

Monday early I was walking Gopher and stopped to talk to our "neighbor" Gayle Cummings. She was on the way to the hospital in Blyth, CA with Jim. He was having abdominal pains. Turned out to be gall stones.
While walking this morning, Gopher made a dog friend. Turns out the dogs owner was from FL.
About 9:00am on Monday, we ventured into town with the camper. First stop, the great bakery. Again. Need to stop that I suppose although we can't really come up with a good reason why. Parking for an RV is really tough. I had heard about Rice Ranch from an Escapee so we went there. Turned out to be an excellent tip. There is a very large, level dirt parking lot with easy access to the sidewalks along the main streets. About a two block walk to the Big Tent. The array of stuff for sale is beyond imagination. Acres & acres of stuff. We were in the market for LED lights, a comfortable stadium for Carol and five of the MicroFiber Chenille Sponges. $1.50 each. They do an amazing job at cleaning smudges off computer screens. Carol wanted some as gifts for her friends. About 3:00 we got back in line to dump our tanks and top off the water tank. About 45 minutes.
We met three other Lazy Daze couples today. One couple we had met at the Northwest LD GTG we went to last summer.
All in all, another wonderful day.

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