Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A new view.

The Dumpster Emptier guys start early in Three Rivers and the campground must come first on their route. :-) Even if it wasn't Dumpster day, there is no sleeping in. The oil workers also get an early start. The standard issue truck is a Ford F-350 Diesel. Diesel truck owners all think the engine must he idled for at least thirty minutes before it's OK to drive. RV owners are no better in that respect. Consequently, we got an early start yesterday. I don't think Woodall's rates this campground, but if it did, I can't imagine it getting even a half star. We've been trying to think of a worse place we've stayed, but only Flying J comes quickly to mind. It does make for a memory.

We finished the long drive to the Gulf Coast arriving at the Padre Island National Seashore about mid-morning. I had been there before when Gopher & I made our Spring trip together back when Carol was still working, so we headed for the South Beach Primitive camping area. The lady at the park entry gate advised against beach camping. The beach driveability was rated as "poor" because of extensive areas of soft sand. That was an excellent recommendation.
Mostly it was just us on the beach. There were two RV's from Ontario and another few down the beach further. It was overcast & windy but what a change of view.

This morning, it was cool and very windy. We were getting sandblasted just stepping outside so we decided to take a ride around the park. There is a formal RV camping area called Malaquite Beach, For $8/day you get your own chunk of asphalt jammed next to your neighbors chunk of asphalt. There is a dune walkover so your feet don't get all sandy. The dune blocks your view of the Gulf and help keep the salt air from blowing on your RV. There were only two empty spaces. I glad most RV'ers are the KOA type campers. Saves the best places for us. There is a camping area called Bird Island Basin. Much like Malaquite but instead of getting asphalt, you only get crushed stone but it's only $4/night. Finally, there is another beach primitive camping area called North Beach. Very nice; much like the South Beach area.
After finishing our tour of the park, we decided to just poke around here & there. It's a very pretty area. Lots of beach access points. The County sells a beach parking permit for $12/year. That allows use, parking & camping on the beach. We bought the permit. We kept drifting north eventually arriving at Port Aransas. Port "A" as it's known, is a very touristy place. Lots of shops, vacation rentals, restaurants, fishing charter boats, and such. They do have a very nice beach camping area so here we are for the next day or so. Need to get our $12/permit's worth. Found a small bakery and bought a Texas sized cinnamon bun for me and a wonderful berry cobbler for Carol. We then got some Bar-B-Que takeout and went to the City marina for a picnic lunch.
The wind is still strong but I was able to park in such a way to minimize it's impact on us. Clear & sunny.

Yet another wonderful day.


Donna K said...

Wow, parking right on the beach. That's really pretty nice. Love the sunrise photo.

Jim and Gayle said...

The Three Rivers City Campground definitely goes on our list of places to avoid. Your spots on the beach look much more appealing.