Thursday, March 10, 2011

Port Aransas aka Port "A"

We've become to like Port Aransas. Touristy, yes, but of a decent quality rather then endless cheap T-shirt joints, hot dog stands & such. Reminds us a lot of the nicer Cape Cod summer resort towns with the seasons reversed. Given that we have no special plans and don't need to be home until April 1st, we'll probably spend a few more days here.
This morning we filled up with propane then found a place with an Boat/RV wash. The camper got soaked with salt water the day we camped on the beach at Padre Island. There was a very strong wind right off the Gulf. We treated ourself to a nice lunch today then headed back to the beach. We parked along the jetty next to the Aransas Pass. It's fun watching the fisherman and boat traffic. This Pass leads to the port of Corpus Cristi. All the ships we saw carried a liquid cargo of some type. Oil, chemicals, etc.

Another warm & sunny day.

We started the day by treating ourself to breakfast. Carol had a vanilla chi tea and a wonderful blueberry cobbler. I had a strata and some fruit. After that we headed to the jetty for the day. I wanted to walk out to the end of the jetty so off I went with Gopher. We were doing fine until a big wave slapped into the jetty making a loud noise. She hates loud noises. On the 4th of July, we always go to a campground where fireworks are prohibited. I convinced her to continue on but then we came to a blow hole. You know, a place where water shoots up every time a big wave comes along. She heard the noise then up came the water. That was the end of her and the jetty. What a wimp. I took her back and walked to the end by myself.
We identified a few more birds today. A larus delawarensis, a sterna maxima and an ardea herodias that was bumming food on the jetty.
About 3:00 we too a ride south on the beach for perhaps five miles. We came across the area where all the kids were congregating. The first clue was all the police cars. There had to be a dozen or so. :-) A real bummer for the kids. The local rag said all sixteen officers of the Port "A" police department would be working this week. Turns out, we're in the quieter family area closer to town.
Port "A" is a very tourist, and RV, oriented community. We're recommend it if you're in the area.

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Donna K said...

What beautiful blue water. Sounds like you are having a great time.