Thursday, July 21, 2011

Niagara Falls Area continued

Another hot one but with a decent breeze off the lake.
Two people stopped by today to admire the Lazy Daze. They are rarely seen this far east. The campground host asked if he could take pictures. Every RV he had ever seen was either white with some streaks on the sides or some shade of brown or grey. His son is always asking why all RV's have to be white/brown/grey. He's sending him the picture to show that some RV's are different. Like our pretty, blue Lazy Daze.

All our neighbors are Canadian. I'm keeping my eye on them. You just never know. ;-)

Information about Lake Ontario

Gopher got to cool off in the lake.

Thursday, 10:24am. 95* already. The forecast heat index is 110*. Today we stay inside and enjoy the A/C.

Last time we were up this way, we did the tourist thing. Viewed the falls, took some tours, etc. This time the goal is to stay cool until this heat wave passes by.

In the morning, we head to St. Jacobs.  We stumbled across this town the last time we were in Ontario. Everything about it screams "cute".There is a city park downtown right on a small river with a few RV spaces lined off. That's where we will stay Friday and Saturday night. The park is an easy walk from the main street in town. Since we don't tow a car, being within walking distance to things is a real advantage to us.

On Saturday, we'll go to the huge Farmers Market. St. Jacobs Market

But today, we mostly stay inside. Do some cleaning & a load of laundry.
Ted & I are making great progress on his public campground database. 16,000 campgrounds is within reach.
That will be my project for today. Carol's reading books and playing games on her iPad.

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