Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Niagara Falls Area

On Sunday we drove to the Four Mile Creek SP near Lewiston/Niagara Falls, taking the scenic roads along Lake Ontario whenever possible.
This part of New York is a major fruit and wine producing area. Apples (As in the Rome & Cortland varieties named after NY cities), but also cherries and plums. There were roadside stands everywhere plus u-pick cherries and blueberries.
The original plan was to stay here two nights then move on to Canada. There is a heat wave heading this way, and extending well into Ontario, with record breaking high temperatures expected by tomorrow. The places we would be camping in Ontario have no utility connections. They're simply parking areas. :-) So,we decided to stay put and enjoy the electrical connection (A/C) until Friday.
This is a nice campground. We've been here twice before. It's right on Lake Ontario. On a really clear day, which unfortunately is quite rare, you can see the skyline of Toronto across the lake. The cause of the low visibility, is the same as in the Susquehanna Valley in PA; the coal fired factories and utilities.
About half of the campers here are from Ontario. The US/CA exchange rate is favorable to the Canadians and things simply cost less in the US then in CA. We see the same thing when we camp in Vermont; lots of Canadians enjoying the States.
This morning we went into Lewiston to get Carols quarterly blood tests done. We use Quest Labs. They do the tests then fax the results to Dr. Hood. Next week his nurse will call and review the results with Carol. We've done this time & again during our travels.
After the blood work, we went to the Art Park for breakfast.
The National Shrine Basilica of Our Lady of Fatima is in Lewiston. We've been there before. After the Art Park we went again. Per the brochure "A spectacular glass dome basilica dominates fifteen acres of gardens and 150 life size bronze and marble statues".

Sculpture in the Art Park

Carol just checked the weather. The only cool place is in Washington State; way too far to drive tomorrow. Fort Pierce is actually cooler then Niagara Falls. Not what we had hoped but such is life. Actually it's quite pleasant here. There is a nice breeze blowing off the lake. Doesn't feel like 95* when you're sitting under the shade tree.


Anonymous said...

Stay cool whenever you can. I am still sweltering in the Texas heat. 100+ every day. I can't wait to get into the New Mexico mountains.

Jim and Gayle said...

It makes us feel better that everyone else is hot, too!