Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ossineke State Forest Campground

On Thursday we continued the trek north towards the UP. On the way, we drove through the Tawas Point and Harrisville State Parks. Both of the parks are very nice but the campgrounds are just terrible. RV's jammed against one another for as far as you could see. Hoards of kids, barking dogs, pickups parked closely on both sides of the narrow roads. There is no way we would ever stay in these two campgrounds. Of course it's prime family vacation time so this is about typical of campgrounds with electrical hookups, water & showers.

Ossineke State Forest campground ($15/night) is everything a campground should be. At least by our personal standards. We were here two years ago and were able to get the very same campsite; #17. The site is huge. On one side is the rarely used day-use picnic area and on the other, an equally large campsite. Great privacy. There is a patch of natural marsh area perhaps a 100' wide then the beautiful sand shoreline of Lake Huron. The water in Lake Huron is pleasantly cool and very clear. Gopher is the official water "taster". If about eight hours after drinking the water, her digestive system is normal, that means the water's not too bad and probably OK for swimming. :-)

Ossineke SF

No Polish jokes, please.

Tomorrow we're off in search of a dump station, water supply , laundromat and a place to get propane. By Tuesday we'll be in the UP. Unless, of course, we stumble onto something interesting before we get there.

The weather today was just perfect. High about 80*, sunny with a nice breeze off the lake.

Doesn't get much better then this.

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Joe and Clara said...

Hey you two wanderers,

Wish I had the gumption to do what you do. I can get so lost when I'm on my own! In Missoula, MT right now. Heading for W. Glacier tomorrow. This caravan will probably be our last. I'm convinced our LD buddies are the best - I miss you. Temps here are hot during day - 90+, but cold at night - 40's. Good sleeping anyway.
Take care, love and hugs to Carol.