Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Round Lake

We left the Bay City Recreation area about 10am. First stop, Judy's Famous pies. :-) This morning was weigh in day. One of is doing well; the other needs to cut back some. Starting tomorrow. We discovered Judy's a few years ago. This place has the very best Dutch apple pie we've ever had. Plus. They make some of their pies with Splenda so the calorie count isn't quite so bad. The small pecan pie, however, has no Splenda. It's all high-test as it should be. Judy's also carries pastys. Carol can't stand them but I like them a lot. Bought three chicken. One for today, two for the freezer.

A Pasty

As we continued north on M-23, we passed a pawn shop with this sign out front. "Last pawn shop before the casino. Come in for some instant $$$". Come on, guys. Some say casinos are a tax on the poor and the ignorant. Some say they are the Indians revenge. Considering how we treated the Indians, I suppose they do have some revenge coming.

We stopped for lunch at a beautiful fishing access site right on the Lake Huron shore.

Our lunch stop

By mid-afternoon we were at our destination for the day. The Round Lake campground in the Huron National Forest. We got what is probably, the best campsite of all. It affords an unobstructed view of, and access to,  Round Lake.We're staying here today and tomorrow then going to explore some of the other National Forest campgrounds in the area.

The view from our campsite.

The weather is just perfect. High about 80*. The low tonight is forecast at 55* Unfortunately, this won't last. By Thursday/Friday it's forecast to be in the mid-upper 80*'s.

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