Sunday, July 10, 2011

Penn Lake Family Get Together, July 9-16,2011

Saturday morning we left the Green Dragon "campsite" and made a final shopping trip to our favorite grocery store, Shady Maple in East Earl then to WalMart. We stopped at the Hickory Run State Park to dump the tanks before getting to Penn Lake where we rented a lakeside house for a week.
Most every year we make a point of it to get together someplace. It's important that the cousins, our four grandchildren, keep in touch with one another and, of course, we very much enjoy catching up with the girls.

Gopher patiently waiting for a piece of a smore to come her way. She knows Carol's a soft touch.

This is why we're here!

Oliver & Finn


Joe Ellis said...

Hi there,
Glad to see you're having such great family time. That's a gorgeous place. We're at the Badlands. Our friends from Michigan get here today, we'll tour around and head to Hill City, SD to meet the rest of the caravan. Thanks for posting my blog. Not doing much with it right now, but plan to kick it up a notch soon!
Love and hugs to Carol.

JenD said...

We had such fun! Thanks Dad & Mom!