Friday, July 08, 2011

The Green Dragon Farmer's Market & Auction

Here is where we spent the day.

Green Dragon

About 7 am, the trucks loaded with hay started rolling in. The hay auction is conducted at 9:00. There were a dozen or so trucks of all sizes, and perhaps a dozen bidders. The bidders are, I suspect, from the many dairy farms in the area. When the bidding is over, the buyers empty truck, or wagon, pulls up to the loaded truck and the hay is transferred by hand, bale by bale.

There are hundreds of vendors here selling things like locally grown sweet corn, blueberries, cabbage, tomatoes, etc., beautiful hand made furniture, delicious prepared foods,homemade pickles, soft pretzels (my personal favorite), every kind of homemade canned goods you can imagine, on & on. We thoroughly enjoyed the day. At least we did until early afternoon when the storms moved in. It's been raining steady since then. Not much of a day for all the vendors who were set up outside.

Starting at 6:30, there is a small animal auction. I saw goats, sheep, chickens, caged birds, rabbits, & pigeons being sold. A sign says no dogs or cats can be auctioned.  I wonder why you can auction a rabbit but not your neighbors nasty cat?  The sellers & buyers seemed to be exclusively Amish.

Our grandson, Finn, is collecting the "state" series of quarters. There is a coin collector at the market. He sells the state quarters for fifty cents each. I was able to get almost all the quarters Finn's missing, except for Maine. He didn't have any Maine quarters. I bought him the book for the new national park series of quarters which began production in 2010 and will run through 2021 as well as the first four quarters. That will give him something else to collect. When I was a kid, I collected stamps. A few years ago I gave Alex the stamp collection for when Finn gets a little older.

The bidders are the guys wearing the  straw hats & dark pants.

The parking lot for the Amish horses.

The VW is from California. Where else?

We're staying here tonight then heading to the house we rented for a week on Penn Lake to meet up with our three daughters & families.

Penn Lake rental

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