Friday, September 09, 2011

Last day in the UP

Yesterday we camped at the MI State Forest campground at Hog Island. There are 50 sites. When we arrived about noon time we had our choice of all 50. We had a large, sunny site with a path leading straight to the water. I scrounged up firewood and we had another campfire. Regrettably, we were out of marshmallows.
By dark there were two other campers.

From our campsite at Hog Island.

We parked along Lake Michigan during the drive to St. Ignace.

Just before we got to St. Ignace on US #2, I saw a sign for a pastie store. The sign said "In business since 1959". It was lunch time so I got one last UP pastie. We stopped in a rest area and ate lunch. Of all the pasties I've had in the UP, this was by far the best. Should have gotten some for the freezer.

When we arrived in St. Ignace we stayed in the Straits State Park. Once again, we found a super campsite. The picture of the bridge was taken leaning against the back of the camper. The really good campsites are right on the water but don't have any electrical hookups. That works for us but most campers just have to have that electric cord dangling from their RV. Good, let's keep it like that, saves the best for us.
We watched the freighters come and go and enjoyed a beautiful, sunny day.

Tomorrow we cross the bridge and head south following the west coast of MI.

We'll be back to the UP. Most likely for a September-October trip some year. We would like to see the leaves change and really enjoy camping after Labor Day. Our favorite part of the UP is along Lake Superior. It tends to be sparsely populated and we like the cobble stone beaches.
There is a Lake Superior Circle Tour that runs through Canada. Perhaps that.

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