Sunday, September 04, 2011

Little Bay de Noc

Since Labor Day weekend is coming up we decided to just stay put until Sunday the 5th. We have a very nice site right on the water and it’s only $6.50/night.
I called the Monarch Butterfly hot-line today. No help. They said the butterflys were still headed south but they had no idea when they would be in this area. We did see one Monarch Butterfly today. Hopefully by Sunday more will be in this area.

Our campsite

Drove into Escanaba to get propane, dump the tanks, fill the water tank and go grocery shopping since we would be here for four more days. Carol wants to cook hotdogs and toast marshmallows over an open fire so these items were on top of the shopping list. We’re camped on the Stonington peninsula. Right across the bay from us is the Gladstone City Campground where we stayed one night last week. The GPS says it’s 1.1 air miles away but it takes a 7.5 mile road trip to get there.

It was supposed to rain all day but it didn’t. It was just us in this part of the campground today so, once again, Gopher has free rein. In the evening we had a campfire so Carol could do her marshmallows. Hot dogs tomorrow perhaps. Tonight Carol had leftover Chinese for dinner and I had my last pastie.
Carol & I have the most wonderful time just being together. It doesn’t matter if we’re doing something special or just poking around. We simply enjoy being with one another.
By 6:00pm the other campsites in this area were occupied so Gopher is back on her leash. Unfortunately, if she saw another dog, even at a distance, off she would go to visit. I won’t have that.
We saw one Monarch Butterfly today. Maybe tomorrow.

Saw two Monarchs at the same time. Not exactly a major migration, but twice as many as yesterday.
It rained on and off all day. The first day like that on this trip.
We had a nice campfire, a weenie roast then marshmallows.

Toasting marshmallows. Gopher waiting for her share.

The current topic of conversation is what to do this winter. Stay at home and go to Lazy Daze and Escapee rallies and take short trips to the state parks or go to Suzanne’s for Christmas then spend the winter in the Southwest. Next summers plans all depend upon the family reunion that Carol’s family is talking about. If it comes to pass, we’ll stay East. If not, we’re going to go to California then follow the coast north to Canada. We both agree; what wonderful choices we have to make. Should we have a great time here or there or someplace else?

A cold, grey, rainy and blustery day. Forecast wind gusts to 30 knots. Gopher and I took a nice walk this morning in spite of the weather. Every campsite we saw was taken.
There are six campsites in our immediate area. By 3:00 three of them had packed up and headed home. Tomorrows forecast is for a high of 60* and a low of from 30* to 40*; not very nice family camping weather. If we were locals with children we’d head home as well. For two old folks and one dog it’s not a problem at all. Sure beats the weather at home.

Carol read books on her Kindle and I played with the computer. Mostly doing research on public campgrounds in the Lower 48.
Carol has really taken to the Kindle. She has almost a hundred books in her library. Before this Kindle, we had two cardboard boxes filled with Carols books. What a space and weight saver. She gets a lot of the books for from free to $.99. The most she’s paid for a book has been around $5.00 with from $2 to $3 being typical. Each day Amazon has a good selection of free books. I just “bought” an interesting sounding mystery story to read. I can download these books to our iPad via the computer then I can read a book on the iPad while Carol reads on the Kindle. Amazing stuff.

By about 5:00 it became clear that the solar panels were not going to be able to get the battery charged so I turned on the generator. Since it was running, I used the heat strip to take off the chill. It was 60* inside.

Tomorrow we move on. It’s been nice to get off the road for a few days. We will be back to this campground again.

A giant fungus of some type.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it wonderful how we can travel wherever we want when we want? Unfortunately I didn't do my homework when I decided to come to TX. Oh well, there is always next year and temperature is one of the main items when deciding where to go.

I too love my Kindle. I also like the fact you can get interesting reading material without spending a fortune. My interest in reading has skyrocketed!!!

You are really finding some great camping sites. I am jealous.