Monday, January 16, 2012

"Q" Friday-Monday

Friday & Saturday:

Saturday morning we all took a walk into town. Even those that didn’t need anything came back with something. I’ve been having problems with my house batteries recently. They don’t seem to be able to hold a charge very well or something was causing a drain on them. Interstate Battery makes a 6v deep cycle battery (GC-2-XHD-S) with a 232 amp hour rating. A place in town had them for $105/each. The same store wanted $148 for a Trojan T-105 at 225 amp hours. Roger and John are very knowledgeable about such things and thought the Interstate battery would be a good choice. Roger drove me to the store to get the batteries and, in about 30 minutes, John installed them. According to the date code on the Trojans, Roger said they were five years old.
Tonight was Mexican dinner night. We made a pot of beans. Others bought tamales, rice, salad, etc. After dinner was the piñata assault.

Frank and Cookie, and Buddy the dog, pulled in today.

Sunday & Monday:

On Sunday we awoke to a grey, cold and windy day. Never got much better as the day went on. I walked into town this morning with some of the other guys. I have everything I can think of but Jerry and Jim came back with a few more things.

Monday: A bright, sunny, windy day. 54* when we got up. About 9am we drove into town for propane and water and to dump the tanks, pick up some grocery items and, of course, stop by the really good bakery in town. Every night there is a social hour, or so, starting about 4. I needed some snack type things for that.
Kuehn Street, where the vendors are, has lots of parking suitable for an RV up to about 30’ as long as you get there early. We found a really good spot and spend the rest of the day there. Carol was able to get around very well on her scooter. She found some nice, warm, fuzzy socks and I came across a replacement handle for the bathroom door that is much easier for Carol to operate. Pushing the button on the original latch was always troublesome for her.
For lunch, we split an Indian Taco and a strawberry fry-bread desert. Excellent!!
Next week, during the RV show, the plan is to get up about 7am, drive here, park, have breakfast then walk to the Big Tent which is only a few blocks away.

Roger bar-b-qued a tri-tip roast today. Everyone else brought a side dish. I made brownies. Ann made the most wonderful clam chowder; one of my personal favorites.

The new batteries are working very well so the electrical problem I was wondering about wasn’t something more serious.

Another rig pulled in today. Andrea, who is a full timer.

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Ed and Jeanne Gaffney said...

The food sounds delish!

Glad you got the batteries. While Ed and I were in Alaska in 2010 our batteries began dying. The options are very limited there. We found a NAPA store that carried Interstate batteries, didn't find any Trojans. Others in our CG had been using the same Interstate Batteries for 8 years so we felt comfortable with them. Glad we did. Problem solved.

Tell Carol I am trying to keep up with her. Got a new ipad and need lots of instruction. We will chat at Hanna.