Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This morning we drove into town for the day to take one last look at the junk stores. Carol bought a new hat and I found a decent belt for $17. After that we went grocery shopping and did a load of laundry. While the laundry was being done, we got take-out from a nearby restaurant. We both had a very good taco salad. Then we dumped the tanks and filled up with water.
Judy, the lady with the five dogs, joined us for the 4 o’clock social hour. She told us about the difficulties she has with some RV parks not wanting five dogs. We’re dog lovers, and at one time, traveled with three of them, but can certainly see the point of view of the RV parks. The record number of dogs per site we can recall was nine. It was at a TX state park a few years ago. The people showed dogs professionally and traveled in a large travel trailer.


Didn’t do much today. Everyone else went into town to take care of chores like we did yesterday. Our job was to hold down the fort. Chuck and Beverley drove to Mexico today to pick up some meds. They brought back a very colorful piñata which will be the centerpiece of an upcoming piñata party.

We got an e-mail from Carols sister Mary, confirming the Wagner family reunion in July so that fixes our general summer travel plans. The reunion is being held in the Mystic, CT area where the majority of Carol’s eight siblings, and their families, live.
Now we’re talking about where to spend May through September. Neither of us like the summer crowds typical of the New England coast, we’ve been through VT, MA, NH, NY, PA, etc., a number of times and have no big interest in exploring those areas again, so we’ll see. Maybe Maine and the Maritime Provinces of Canada again? If so, this time we’re going to add Newfoundland and Labrador to the agenda. We were in the Maritimes in 2007 and very much enjoyed the trip.


A grey, chilly and overcast day. Most nights it’s been getting into the low 40’s but warming up nicely by noon. Not today. I don't think it hit 60*
We’ve been running the Wave 3 heater all night. It tends to keep the interior temperature about 20* above the outside temperature if run on the high setting. In the morning we’ve been waking up to a temp. of about 62*; not bad as long as you’re bundled up.
Roger and John made a Wal-Mart run into Parker today. There are lots of common food items that just are not available in Q. Linda and I took the dogs for a walk to the nice fresh fruit & veggie stand in town just across from the post office. 4.5 miles roundtrip per the GPS. Picked up some more summer squash, broccoli, pears and peanuts.
Nancy from SoCal pulled in today. Several more rigs are expected this weekend.

An overview of the area.

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Ed and Jeanne Gaffney said...

Wow it looks like LOTS of RVs are in attendance, just like you said! Your weather is much like ours here in Alabama. It was about 20 this morning. Got up to 55, but lots of sunshine. Glad you and Carol are having fun!