Sunday, October 13, 2013

Back home

We were about ballooned out so headed home on Tuesday, the 8th. This was our third BF. Stopped in Las Vegas, NM at

for lunch. Linda had suggested this restaurant and it was as good as she said. Carol had a chicken quesadilla and I had a hamburger smothered with beans and green chili sauce. There is a large parking lot across the street suitable for RV's of any size.
We continued to the WalMart in Trinidad, CO and stayed the night.
Arrived home on Wednesday just before noon time. A nice, uneventful trip.

Winterized the camper then put it in the storage place. Our future travel plans are under discussion. "Q" in January?  Stay home for a year?   Sell the camper? We'll see. Carol and I have traveled for the last thirteen years and extensively for the last seven..  We're in agreement that it's time to slow it down. Carol votes to sell the camper.  I'm not so sure. We're in agreement that we'll make our final decision before January.

Winter is about here. From our back porch we can see the fresh snow on  the Rockies. Sub-freezing temps. are forecast for the next few days.

 Come January "Q" might sound good. :-)


Jim and Gayle said...

Our bet is you don't sell the LD. A couple months of winter in CO and you'll be ready to go again!

Nancy said...

I would guess that winter in Colorado isn't the best time and place to sell the RV.
I hope to see you in Q in any event.

Russ Krecklow said...

Glad you're back home after a nice trip to the Balloon Fiesta. We can relate to your questions about your travel future, as we have wrestled with those same items...and we're not as far along in our travels as you two are. Understand what you're discussions are all about, though.

We are sending good thoughts your way, and hope you make it down to Q at least for a bit of sunshine.

We have yet to do that.