Saturday, October 05, 2013

The Fiesta is officially underway

Over the course of the last several days, lots more people pulled in. There are 35 LD's  here now. The camping area, while not full, is close to capacity.

The Prevost rally is underway as well.
John talked to the Prevost rep. about the units. The shell costs $750,000 then the owner gets to custom design the interior. That generally runs a minimum of $500,000.

Every day starting at 4:30  was Happy Hour.

On Saturday the launch was delayed for about an hour because of strong winds and an overcast sky.
 But by about 7:30 the sun

came out, the winds died down and the launch commenced,

Some of the balloons didn't make it very far at all. They landed in the camping area right near us.

Mid-morning the three of us took a walk down to the launch field. There was a dog adoption event taking place behind the Balloon Museum. Took Gopher for a walk on the newly mowed grass. A real joy for her. No goat head spurs, no sharp rocks.
Before lunch, Carol and I went to the launch field area to poke around the different shops. Carol wanted a Balloon Fiesta wind breaker.

 After getting that, we shared a Navajo Taco for lunch.

Tonight is cook-a-hotdog night. We're bringing a pot of chili as our side dish. Yesterday was the breakfast buffet.   We made a loaf of really great banana nut bread.

Another wonderful day.


Jim and Gayle said...

Great looking jacket, Carol. Glad you are having a good time!

JenD said...

Looks like fun!