Monday, February 14, 2011

Belle Starr's Silverado Ranch. A most unusual place.

Gopher & I took our morning walk through downtown Bisbee. Looked at the outdoor museum exhibits. It was quite early so it was mostly us, the guys in bright orange jumpsuits (the local jailbirds)cleaning the streets, a few panhandlers (they don't like dogs), and some people on their way to work. About 9:00 we headed east to Belle Starr's Silverado Ranch. Look at this Blog; it tells the story.

We've been to a lot of unusual places over the years, but this just might top them all. What an incredible woman. Belle has MS plus broke a hip a year or so ago, so she doesn't get around as well as she did. Mostly she relies on campers and some local friends for help. However, if there is no one to help, she feeds all the animals herself. She was telling us that she got her scooter hung up on a rock the other day and couldn't free it. She finally got out onto the ground and scooted along on her butt until she could get inside to her wheelchair!!
There is one other couple here. Toby & Sue from Minnesota. There were here before and always stop by to help when they're in the area. Today Toby & I fixed some PVC pipes that had been damaged by the recent freeze, fed the horses, donkeys & burros and cleaned out one of the buildings.
Gopher was doing very well with the horses, other dogs, chickens, peacock & ducks, and the burros at first. Then one of the burros started moving away as she got closer. Then gopher got closer and the burro took off. Burros are really fast. Gopher never did catch her. After that, Gopher stayed on her leash. No harassing the natives.

If you're ever in the area, do yourself a huge favor and stop by. You will always remember your visit with Belle.
On AZ 80 between Bisbee & Douglas near MM 353. GPS N 31.39264 W 109.76768

We're going to hang around for a while to help out.


Donna K said...

What an interesting post. I never now we will check it out next time we are down that way. Thanks for posting.

Russ Krecklow said...

That looks like a great place to spend some time. I'm glad that Gopher enjoyed it so much! Thanks again for sharing.