Thursday, February 17, 2011

Silverado. Thursday

Harry & Shoko had to move on this morning. They had a commitment in Mesa. Two very nice people.
The big news was the arrival of 30 bales of hay about 10am. I used the John Deere Gator and fed all the critters. I'm no farmer and had no idea just how heavy a bale of hay is. Each bale is broken down into several sections called wafers. It's a chunk of hay about 2" thick. Each horse gets two wafers. When I approached a corral with the hay, I was swarmed by hungry animals.
There are two overweight burros that got our of their corral last week. We have tried to get them back in but there is no way. They're enjoying their freedom too much. Plus unlimited access to the hay wagon. :-) Smart burros.
Carol & I took a tour of the ranch on the Gator. There is room here for 20 to 30 RV's.
My other chore for today was picking up rocks. Belle got her scooter hung up on a rock a while back so I'm clearing the areas she commonly uses of large rocks.

My back's aching. I'm not used to playing rancher. We're going to hang around a little longer to help out.

Toby & Sue are taking a drive to Sierra Vista today.

Belle gave Carol one of the star pins she wears in her hat. It's now on Carols hat.

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